DIY Pallet Kitchen Island Table

recycled pallet butchers block and kitchen island

Pallet wood has established its own creative world to get affordable plans of furniture, home decors and storage plans. People from different cultures around the globe are doing extraordinary crafting works with pallets that will surely arouse your crafting desires and interest too. Check this antique style DIY pallet kitchen island table, very beefy structure… [Read More]

DIY Vintage Pallet Nightstands

upcycled pallet vintage nightstands

While going for a dreamy sleep at night on your serene bedroom, you just want to be comfortable. For this purpose you can wear the night dress but to secure you purse, medicine and other private tools you will surely need a table in bedsides called the nightstand. However to get a nightstand you don’t… [Read More]

DIY Pallet End Table / Side Table

recycled pallet end table

You have mostly seen the pallets on road sides, landfills, junk yards and also on ash heaps. On our site, you will find some extraordinary ways to make the pallet useful again by reclaiming them for furniture, home storage plans and also for home interior decors. This amazing DIY pallet side table has or end… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Wood Stool

recycled pallet stool and side table

People are getting their hands onto shipping skids and pallets to fulfill their unique demands of furniture on a budget. If you think a little bit creative, you will find countless possibilities to reclaim these pallets for chic furniture pieces. This DIY pallet wood stool has been shaped up using pallets and will give you… [Read More]

DIY Highly Rustic Pallet Side Table

upcycled pallet side table

We need very well deserving furniture for numerous portions of home. The furniture for garden or patio is mostly different from the living room furniture. The good news is that you can design both kinds of furniture out of pallets. Pallet wood goes very friendly to meet your modern and rustic desires of furniture. Check… [Read More]

DIY Recycled Pallet Shelf

recycled pallet shelf

You can even rejoin fragments of disintegrated and crumbled pallets to get some amazing looks of useful objects. By combining wood remains and scrap we have established this DIY pallet shelf design which will be best for either wall of home. For a decent and functional utility purpose you can mount this handmade pallet shelf… [Read More]

DIY Rustic Pallet Mini Table

rustic yet modern pallet table

Whatever the furniture desires you have, pallet wood can meet them all if you work with a little planning and creative thinking. We happen to find some rustic skids of pallets from the junk yard, we really felt great to have them as we had seen various pallet furniture trends on the internet. We also… [Read More]