DIY: Pallet Shelves Inexpensive Yet Colorful

A pallet is basically a flat wooden structure that is usually used in shipping of food, clothing, medicine and other things and after the shipment process, they are discarded. These pallets can be again used to make many creative things like a pallet house, pallet bed, pallet sofa, pallet chair, shoe rack, pallet table, pallet frames, pallet stands, pallet benches, pallet flower box, pallet coffee table, pallet fence and many other such things.

Beautiful pallet shelves can be made using pallet wood. The recycled pallets are used in many countries to make many innovative and creative things. It is not only easy to manage but is cheap and reliable as well. People use variety of techniques and ideas to make pallet shelves which are indeed inspiring. We can make these pallet shelves tables not only to decor our own rooms and houses but also can create some extra beautiful and attractive pallet shelves in our spare time to get some business.

pallet-shelves (9)After getting the pallet, one of the important steps is to clean the pallets with chemical treatment or using boiled water. After the cleaning process, we can cut the pallet to divide it into two equal halves, by doing so we can create two shelves with one pallet, and is the best option. Similarly depending upon the length and width of the shelves we want, the number of pallets will be used accordingly. It is very easy to make a pallet shelve using some basic tools like hammer, nail, saw and drill. Using these basic tools we can cut, nail and assemble the pallet wood. The second is to measure and cut the front and back pallet planks to create shelves. The cutting should be done with care. All the pieces that are being cut should be of same size. The next step is to join planks of pallet with screws. Lastly all sides are to be sand. The pallets can be painted in different colors to give a brilliant look to the shelves and as a whole, the house looks more colorful.

pallet-shelvesThese shelves could be used for keeping books, decoration pieces, shoes, some kitchen items, photographs to keep memories alive, some flowers (if placed on the outer wall) and for many other useful purposes. If recycle wood is pallets are used widely some beautiful items can be created with these. The items made from pallets are low cost. They give a beautiful look to the house. These shelves serves as piling up the stock of items easily, you get more space. These pallet shelves are used in many warehouses for storage purposes. This idea of pallet shelves reduces the cost of buying new and expensive shelves for storing things.

Some of the benefits of shelves made using pallet wood are:

  • Inexpensive solution for a good look.
  • Colorful wooden pallets beautify the surroundings and give a modern style.
  • Helps in recycling process of pallets and keeps all over the environment clean.

The ideas of furniture made using wooden pallet should be more globalized through technology and knowledge sharing.

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pallet-shelves (7)

pallet-shelves (8)How to Make Pallet Shelves.